Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beautiful sunset here today, at one point the sun was a big red ball of fire - just beautiful.  And my favorite tree down the street is changing to a bright yellow ball of beauty.
I hate early morning calls reminding me that I have appointments at 7:10 am the next day.  I have no clue why this wasn't in my phone calendar, the appointment was made six months ago.  Gwen has a dental cleaning tomorrow morning and I totally forgot.  So I have to drag all of the kids but Bella to the dentists office and hope that we can get Olivia to school on time.  Grrrr....

The other day Trent and Livy asked why some of the leaves on our big tree were turning yellow and so I told them about fall.  I told them that in Fall the leaves 'fall' off the trees.  Well yesterday the evening got windy and it was time for the kids to go out and play.  About ten minutes after they walked out the door I hear little hands banging on the door and hollering 'mommy, mommy' . Well when I opened the door all I hear is mommy it's fall, it's fall. The leaves are fallin'"  And there were two very excited little ones relaying this message to me because after all, the leaves were in fact 'falling' to the ground.  It was one of those moments that really makes my day!

I finally got the call from Wal Mart today.  I have a job interview on Thursday!  I hate interviews and never really do go on them, but I am looking forward to this.  I need the money.  I am hoping to have a great Christmas for my kids this year.  Last year was really below par in gifts I gave to them and in spirit.  It was our first Christmas after financial troubles hit.  Besides, I love working retail at Christmas time!!!!!

I was moving my computer today and Lily decided she wanted it and grabbed it.  Well, it kinda fell on her head. The corner of it got her eye so now she has a small red cut under her left eye.  Poor baby cried like crazy, but in the end she was just fine.

Yesterday I was walking around saying something I haven't said in a long time. WTMFH  (What the motherfucking hell).  I went to the health district to get Lily and Trent their flu shots.  I had been told that if they had any form of medicaid (full or supplemental) that they would get free shots.  Well turns out, that was a crock of shit and I had to pay 38 dollars for their shots.  38 dollars I really couldn't spare.  I can get re-imbursed by the insurance company, but I wish someone had told me this.  I still would have gotten them done, but I wouldn't have gone out on my weekly date with DH and used that money for the shots instead.  Sometimes I think the local government (Yeah Casper, WY govt.) have their heads up their bums all the time. At least  my two kiddos are vaccinated now. (Lily still has to get a booster in a month) but I feel much better now. The flu is already starting to go around here.

Today was only the second day ever that I was able to make lunch without Lily screaming the whole time.  She was sitting in the living room watching me or standing in the living room at one of her play stations watching me but she wasn't freaking out because I wasn't right there with her... I must say, I SO SO SO LOVE THAT LILY IS CRAWLING AND PULLING UP ON THINGS.  She is finally becoming independent. That's all for now.  This momma is tired and I am going to try a no cry sleep solution to get Lily to sleep without waking up twenty times a night because she doesn't have boob in her mouth. (She won't take a paci) They say it takes a lot of patience, but I am ready for it because my back is really killing me all the time because of how I have to sleep with her in one position all night.  If I move, she wakes up for her boob and she won't stay in her crib either.  Blech, we will conquer this!!!!!  ~LATER LATER ALLIGATOR~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Okay, so the grunting so far has been unproductive.  I will take that opportunity to post some pics and videos. The pics are of the different play stations I set up for her and the first video of course is of her crawling. :) The second video is of her crawling and her sisters torturing her in the process - kinda funny in a mean sort of way. :p

Sorry no update the last couple of days.  We've been busy baby proofiing!  Once she decided she wanted to go she went..............................  Crazy little baby. ;)  We baby proofed the living/dining/kitchen and set up 'stations' for Lily to play in.   1. A red storage tote w/lid that we use as a coffee table with toys on it (She likes to pull herself up on it too). 2. Toys in front of the end table that she likes to pull herself up on. 3. An old clothes basket filled with toys that she can play with (tipped on it's side for easier access) and 4.stuff on the end table that she can play with when she is sitting on the couch with me. She basically has fun crawling from station to station and playing with whatever hits her fancy and then she will crawl over to me to get hugs, snuggles, boob and then she is back to playing. We also have a rug and a foam play mat down for her to play on. I am really enjoying the freedom(and so is she). I know she is safe and having fun and she still has her mommy time. I think I worry less about her now than when she would sit on me all the time and almost fall off of me, the couch, etc. It is great watching her discover and learn new things and become more familiar with her surroundings. And 2 out of 5 times that I have to go into the dining room/kitchen, she doesn't freak out (she can still see me because all the rooms are connected.) like she used to becuase she is feeling more independent.

We discovered a few cute things Lily loves to do over the weekend.  She likes to sit on my bed and gently bonk her head on the wall.  It is so funny to watch her.  She does it, rubs her head on the wall, looks around and then does it all over again.  It is so cute.  She also likes to sit between Tim and I and bring out hands together.  She seems to love it when we hold hands.  Too cute.

My camera...my precious lifeline - halfway decent camera was flippin found yesterday!!!!!!!!!  Gwen got the febreeze off of the top of the fridge and there it was.  We had looked up there like a hundred times.  I have no clue why we never saw it before.  But of course it has been about fourteen hours and I have already gone through a set of batteries ;)  Of course taking videos of a now mobile baby is so so much fun!  And boy do those damn videos sap the battery power!

I must say my living room is looking great.  Now we just have to bring the bedrooms and bathrooms up to that standard before Gwen and I start work and don't have time to get caught up on chores we are behind on.  I don't anticipate Gwen's orientation being before Saturday.  I am still waiting for my call.  They have been so busy that they haven't done any hiring work.  That will teach the personnel manager to be out for three days. (poor thing must have been really sick and I hope she is feeling better)!

I get to take Lily and Trent to the health district for their flu shots today at 1:30.  I hate them getting shots, but I want them to stay healhty and with all of the crap that the kids bring home from school I will definitely be getting them their shots!  After this all of us will have had our flu shots (although Lily will need a booster in a month.)

Not looking forward to all of the cleaning to be done.  The girls will work on their room and I will be working on the kitchen today.  It is supposed to get nasty by the end of the week so I will be cleaning the furnace area too.  Fall is coming and then soon after Winter will be here. (I know, I know, I'm not stupid. I know fall is technically here, but we have been in the 80's near 90 in the next couple of days, so fall isn't here for me.) The leaves are finally turning colors though and they are beautiful.  We have a lot of  yellow here, a few orange.  But I do wish we had more oranges and reds here.  But still beautiful.  I'm not complaining.  I grew up in a place where all the seasons are the same color!!!!

Uh oh baby grunting = baby poooping = stinky mess = time to change diaper.  ~SMELL YA NEXT TIME~

Friday, September 30, 2011

Holy Crap Shit Man!  I'm tired. Lily has been everywhere today.  Most of my kids take about a week or so to get into stuff after they start crawling. It took Lily two days. I had to get up repeatedly today to take stuff from her that she wasn't supposed to have. We did a preliminary baby proofing today and will do the real thing tomorrow. I had forgotten how much stuff babies can get into! She was chasing her brother around the living room and laughing like crazy.  Now I know why I love this age.  Everything is a discovery. :) They can also help you discover what areas of your house need to be cleaned!

Gwen is on a babysitting job tonight - her first.  I'm sure she will love it because she isn't having to watch her own siblings. :P

I feel bad not talking much about Bella right now, but at the moment she is my only sane, normal child. (don't tell her I said that because she hates being called normal, she likes the fact that her Asperger's makes her what she calls 'a bit off of normal')

Livy was great when she came home from school.  I truly think she wasn't eating breakfast and that is why she was so out of control.  And I think she realizes that she is doing great in school.

Trenton has been pretty good.  No super tantrums, but a few minor ones and he is still into the hitting and pinching (more acting like he's gonna do it than actual doing it)  but he is doing better thank goodness.

I think he will benefit from all of the extra attention he gets from Lily following him around.

Who ever knew that it would be such a pain to have five kids in the house at the same time ;p

Kid quote of the day - "Mom I'm gonna kick you if you take away the computer"  Livy was feeling like a brat.  She lost the computer for an extra day!  Ha servers her right!!!

I am so not into this tonight so I think I will stop here.  Olivia and Trenton are being total brats and I need to handle them.  I will leave you with some pics of Lily in her adventures in climbing the file cabinet. ~LATER LATER ALEEGATOR~

She was climbing, made it up, fell down, then got bored and crawled to mom. :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tiring day today.  Maybe just because I am already exhausted.  Took Olivia to school, came home, made breakfast, played with Lily and Trent, fixed lunch, picked Gwen and Bella up from their schools and took them for their yearly checkups. Then took the kids back to school (pain in the ass!) and went home to chill out with the little ones where I found out that Gwen's second interview with Wal Mart was to be today at 4:30.  Yeah a bit of notice would have been FUCKING nice.  I was not happy.  But we got it all covered and SHE GOT THE JOB!!!! I hope they call me for my interview soon.  I want to get it over with.  Ever since having my last three kids I don't think quick on my feet anymore (I used to I promise!) and so I want it done with so I can get on with my life.  Lily is just amazing us these days with all of the new stuff she does/discovers. Today at the doctors office she held on to Gwen's shoelace and nothing else, standing for a good twenty seconds before she grabbed her shoe again.  She is so much fun these days. :)

Lily slept on her tummy again and  made it all the way until 3 am before waking to eat!  I was so exited, but after that she ate about every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes when she woke up at 6 :(

Both of my older girls got clean bills of health so that was great and Livy came home happy and engaging and I think it was because she actually ate both of her school meals.  She is just now getting a bit tired.  I also found out that although she started out in normal reading and advanced math, she within a week of being assigned to these groups is now in advanced reading and advanced math!!!  I am so proud because I didn't teach her anything and she didn't go to preschool  She started to learn her letters but we never finished  and I never taught her sounds but she knows them and has started to read.  Holy cow I am so proud!!!! She is a smarty pants just like her sisters. :)

Gwen has a baby sitting job tomorrow so she will have a bit of cash which is great for her. I just want a weekend of long long long long long....(okay you get my drift) NAPS!!!

I am going to post a video of Lily crawling. :)

Kid quote of the day: Damn I don't remember any.  I really should start paying attention...Oh wait, I remember one.  While waiting patiently for me to open her jar of puffs, Lily kept repeating nine nine nine nine.  I think she was trying to say mine mine mine and remind me that those were her puffs!  ~LATER TATERS~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow, what a day.

I actually got so me cleaning done because Isabella was home with the tummy troubles and held Lillian while I cleaned the living room.  It felt so good to be productive again. And I got a nice nap too because Lily fell asleep on Bella (a usual thing - if she needs to sleep we just give her to Isabella). It was sooooo nice.

And then Olivia came home.  I do not know what is wrong with that child.  She comes home tired and acting bitchy.  Then on Monday she came home acting like her old self and I was so relieved.  Then today she came home acting not bitchy but raging bitchy!!!! OMG I can't take much more.  I have no idea what at school does this to her or if she is faking for attention or what.  I am so close to emailing her teacher to see if she knows what is going on but I would rather not have her all up in our business.  I don't trust the counselors at that school, they totally dropped the ball with Isabella and her Aspergers.  I also wonder if maybe she is skipping meals and that is what does this to her.  But with the two little ones at home I can't go there to check and make sure that she is actually eating.  I am so at a loss with this.  I guess I will be opening an email to Mrs. Donor soon. :(

Lily kept trying to crawl today but didn't do so great. She is getting better though. :)  She prefers to stand and play - or go from thing to thing cruising.  She is such a doll. Last night she slept on her tummy. It didn't keep her from waking to eat A LOT, but when she slept, she slept soundly!  I loved it. Although she did scare the crap out of me.  She fell asleep on her tummy and I felt her rustling around next to me and when I opened my eyes she was in a full sitting position and smiling down at me.

Well in the process of writing this Olivia said that people didn't want to play with her.  She was under assumption that all the kids in her class had to be her friend.  I tried to explain to her that she needed to pick a few to be friends with and then have the rest just be classmates. I hope she understands and things get better.  I also hope that she is telling the truth because she told me some humdingers!!!

I hope everyone is healthy here tomorrow.  I have to take Bella and Gwen to their yearly checkups.  Should be interesting dragging Trent and the baby along. LOL.

Kid Quote of the day:  Olivia - "Mom my teacher is banded from getting emails from moms. The principal said so!" This is one of the humdingers Livy told me when I threatened to email her teacher to find out what is going on. LMAO  I love these kids. :)

I slept wrong on DH's pillows at nap time and now my head and neck hurts.  I hate sleeping wrong! Well anyway, here is to a great tomorrow ~UNTIL NEXT TIME~